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Back from my travels around the globe (well a small bit of it anyway).  First, the annual Florida Recreation and Parks Association (FRPA) conference in Orlando, then the annual National Recreation & Parks Association conference in Las Vegas – with a quick trip to the UK for good measure.  A standard subject that most Brits talk about – the weather – ridiculously humid in Orlando, blazing heat in Las Vegas and “standard” rain in the UK (situation normal there then!).


For this year edition, we installed our SL100 in bandshell configuration.

It’s always a pleasure to visit new places for these tradeshows and gatherings and meet so many people from different parts of the globe.  With our fantastic newly designed tradeshow booth in-tow at the Orlando conference and a SL100 on the show floor at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, many town’s folk stopped by our booths to educate themselves on how their towns, municipalities and military establishments can benefit from Stageline’s mobile stage technology with massive cost savings in manpower, storage and maintenance “wow, everything stays inside the trailer and we can now have shows on the beach!”  Many realised how they could use their Stageline more than they thought, not just for concerts but at sports gatherings, presentations, school graduations, etc.

During the NRPA show in Las Vegas, I was able to see the award winning Stageline SAM750 being installed at the MGM for the iheart radio festival.  I hope some of you were able to see this magnificent machine in action.  Next time I go Las Vegas though, I’m going to make sure I don’t have access to any money!

Here’s to the next trip!


3 November 2015 | Stage leader

About Tony Beresford

Tony joined Stageline in 2009, though he has contributed to the success of its global presence since the late 90s. Tony cut his teeth in marketing and promotions during his time at Yamaha as the UK Promotions Manager, managing tours, demonstrations and roadshows throughout the UK and Europe. In the late 90s, he moved on to the UK’s leading outdoor event and staging supplier as their Sales and Marketing Manager and subsequently his relationship with Stageline began. Tony then launched an events and logistics division and opened new premises for a prominent UK marketing and advertising agency. He managed several experiential campaigns surrounding international sporting events for blue chip brands. These campaigns took Tony across Europe and to Asia and taught him several lessons servicing clients with different cultural backgrounds. This all sounds very formal but you can count on his Stageline mates to soften some of his British edges.

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