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Having a fantastic client base is one of the greatest things a company can wish for.  We have invested a lot of time, hard work and passion into our company in the past decades and have been rewarded with strong and meaningful personal relationships with our customers.

The Parnelli Awards were held in Las Vegas last month and for the second year in a row, we were tremendously honored to receive the Parnelli Award for Indispensable Technology–Staging.  As a company we are humbled to have our efforts recognized by the live –event industry at such a prestigious event.

This years award was for the SAM575 mobile stage.  As with all our products, we built the SAM575 based on the principles of quality, integrity and dependability while maintaining the highest industry standards in stage safety and technology.  While we are proud to be acknowledged for our work, the real reward was the opportunity to personally connect and interact with our customers, clients and stage users at the event.

Our time spent with our customers in Las Vegas and at LDI really underlined for us that our products attract the kind of people who appreciate the same things we do.  Our customers expect quality and efficiency without jeopardizing safety!  The people we met and spoke with were knowledgeable, interesting and engaging and it was a pleasure getting to know all the individuals who took the time to stop by and give us the opportunity to get to know them personally.  We want to take this moment to say thank you, the Pleasure was all ours!


Our booth for LDI: A SL100 mobile stage.

SL100 – 125 Events and 75,000 miles later…

We took the opportunity of this LDI show to set up on-site using one of the true workhorses of our line—the SL100. In the last four years, this particular stage, owned by Big Ear Audio has served 125 events, travelled 75,000 miles, and transported 5 tons of rigging and equipment. We like to think the SL100 represents the kind of people we are: hard working and infinitely reliable, but always easy to get along with. It turns out that our stages attract the same kinds of people!

So let me say a sincere thank you to the new friends we made this year in Las Vegas. We’ve been coming to this event for 20 years, and every year it gets better. We’re looking forward to meeting even more people next year, but in the meantime, it’s back to hard work in the year to come. Because, above all, we want to continue earning the respect of people like you.

See you in 2016!

27 November 2015 | Stage leader

About Pierre-Luc Rompré

Pierre-Luc is a multi-tasker with management skills that always bring solutions to the table. He’s been with the company 9 years, oversees both sales and rentals and works out a sweat as Commercial Director for Stageline Group.  His knowledge of the product and his uncanny way of optimizing projects get everyone that is involved smoothly ahead. His industrial engineering and administration diplomas are backed by unique insight and steadfast win/win approach. Pierre-Luc is a natural communicator and rapidly enters into fruitful conversation.

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