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The Promobile is an unequaled mobile marketing tool featuring two accessible levels. A mobile unit with 1,700 ft2 (158 m2) of usable space designed for marketing professionals who need more height, more space, and more load-bearing capacity. It offers an eye-catching way to showcase your products at concerts, races and various sporting events.

Floor Lower Deck: 32’ x 24’ (9.8m X 7.3m)
Upper Deck: 34’ x 27’ (10.4m X 8.2m)
Set-up * Manpower: 3 to 4  /  Time: 3 to 4 hours
Wind resistance 90 mph (145 km/h) without windwalls
60 mph (97 km/h) with windwalls
Rigging 30,500 lb (13,835 kg)
Billboard On the road, it’s a moving billboard
Optional Screen support, adjustable roof height, climate-controlled environment, tented tops (upper level)
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  • Certification
  • Every stage complies with road regulations. For all countries, Stageline/Mobile Stage Rentals provides complete engineering certification for both structural design and rigging capacity. In Canada and the US, we can provide engineering certified stamped documents for each state and province.

Testimonials from our clients.

We already knew of the quality and safety of the Stageline/Mobile Stage Rentals products from Monster Energy USA but our recent purchase of the Stageline/Mobile Stage Rentals Promobiles for the European market has reinforced their strength’s over durability, versatility and engineering excellence.

– M. Kowal – Monster Energy Europe

Do you have specific needs and want to rent a mobile stage?

No matter your choice, you’ll be using the most secure equipment in the whole industry.


* Setup time may vary depending on conditions and stage configuration.


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