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If anything, our participation at Ilesoniq this year was a demonstration of how Stageline’s flexibility can adapt to different event styles, capitalizing on the formidable capabilities of our stages.

There is something intense and imaginative about the electro-pop scene at this festival that makes this show the ideal vehicle to test new scenic ideas that enhance the audience and artist’s experiences.

On that front, the SAM750 performed admirably. Its 152,000 lb (68,946 kg) rigging capacity was put to good use with giant screens and speakers, pumping out frantic visual and sonic information to the young and super energized crowd.

But for us, the real stars at Ilesoniq were our two new Delay and Follow Spot Towers.(Ok…we’re not impartial here!) The weekend before at Osheaga they were soberly dressed with follow spots and sound delay equipment. Just a few days later, they were supporting giant screens facing the audience, pushing the visuals way over the top in a non-stop party atmosphere. Just as it should be at Ilesoniq!

Overall, this Stageline setup was ideal in helping acts like Above and Beyond, Steve Angello, Die Antwoord, Kaskade, and DeadMau5 make a strong impression, to the delight of all involved.

Have a look at the photos…


This 2015 edition delivered a great line-up including a performance by DeadMau5 to end day 1 of ÎleSoniq.



Our new hydraulic Delay & Follow Spot Towers were supporting giant screens for this weekend, giving a massive look to the main stage. (SAM750)



DJ Snake was among the artists who performed on the SAM440 for the weekend. Festival goers enjoyed the vibe around this stage over the weekend.



Taking advantage of a nice weather, an enthusiastic crowd and a great line-up, the second edition of ÎleSoniq has been a great success.


Photos: Peter Ryaux-Larsen

26 August 2015 | Stage leader

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I am extremely fortunate to work in marketing. As an HEC Montreal graduate, I began my career working as a marketing coordinator for an important bar & nightclub chain.  I gained a lot of experience, and worked more than a few long nights in this job.  I then moved on to the world of advertising agencies, managing multiple projects utilizing a plethora of media channels for brand names such as Volvo, Nissan, Essilor and many others.  Almost 3 years ago, I joined Stageline and became a part of a passionate team of individuals who are as motivated as I am.  Fuelled by challenge and the pleasure derived from my responsibilities, I contribute to make Stageline products shine in our industry and around the world.

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