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A mobile stage is a complex piece of equipment that requires a thorough knowledge of best working practices in the event field.  In order to help you with your event, specialized teams are at your disposal to help you throughout the process.

Founded in 1987, our enterprise was born with one goal – to promote a safe staging environment with the use of Stageline Mobile Stages. Technically advanced Stageline mobile stages are the standard in the outdoor staging industry. Fundamental reasons why the industry relies on MSR Mobile Stage Rentals’ services include:


All our technicians are certified to operate our units safely and efficiently. Not only do they master the operations of a mobile stage, our technicians are trained to deal with meteorological situations in order to take the right actions and ensure the safety of your artists, technicians and crowd.


MSR pays particular attention to the maintenance of its fleet. Preventative maintenance and technical work is carried out regularly and post-event reports are done systematically to ensure a flawless performance event after event.  For the benefit of your business, we think the best surprise is no surprise!


Logistic & engineering support

Although a mobile stage is quite simple to operate, it is a complex equipment that requires a thorough knowledge. In order to help you with your event, specialized teams are at your disposal to help you throughout the process.

LOGISTIC: There are so many details that you need to organize for your event, so our logistics team is there to simplify your life. From rigging approval to stage delivery, you will have a key contact to support you throughout the process.

ENGINEERING: Some events require more specific setups. Our in-house engineering team will make sure stage and rigging plans are stamped and ready for action!


With its extensive experience in the event industry, MSR is able to refer you to quality suppliers amongst its network in North America. With more than 750 Stageline stages used in North America, if we are not able to meet your needs, we will help you find a partner that can do it!


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