Choose Safety

MSR operates the largest Stageline mobile stage fleet designed to be safely operated and safely used outdoors.


  1. Safely levelled even on uneven terrain.
    • Pre-assembled staging structure composed of heavy panels that unfold hydraulically into a self standing covered stage.
  2. Never at any moment during the installation sequence is the stage unsafe for crew and technicians.
    • Most of the work is done at deck level reducing the risk of potential human error and accidents.
    • Stages are installed by technicians certified by Stageline, who follow step by step procedures.
  3. A self standing covered stage, it does not rely on guy wires, anchoring and ballast.
    • No ground preparation, anchoring or ballasting is needed.


  1. Wind resistance up to 90mph/145 kmh without windwalls and 60mph/100 kmh with waterproof vinyl windwalls.
  2. All units have mechanical locking systems and the hydraulic stages are equipped with safety valves.
  3. All models are designed to withstand high risk in extreme weather conditions.
  4. All Stageline mobile stages are designed and tested with load criteria at twice the permitted load.
  5. Dedicated procedures in case of high wind.
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