Stageline Stages

30 years of expertise and innovation

Our total commitment to manufacturing the highest-performing and most innovative, reliable and safe equipment is our foundation and cornerstone.

Our approach

A Stageline mobile stage is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment that incorporates four technologies: mechanical and structural engineering, transportation, hydraulic, and stage technology.

Our skilled personnel handles each and every phase of production from design through to final inspection.

Engineering, research and development

A full-time team of designers, engineers and production experts is dedicated to the development and continued improvement of products. This team is backed by technical specialists, tradesmen and draftsmen working with the latest manufacturing practices, structural-analysis and finite-element tools.

Quality control

  • Stageline products are shipped around the world.
  • Stageline is an ISO 9001 certified company since 2000.

Environmental manufacturing

Our environmental manufacturing processes reduce the:

  1. use of products that harm the environment;
  2. consumption of energy and raw materials;
  3. production of waste and scrap;
  4. environmental impact of our activities through prevention.

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