Stageline SL100 Mix


Two pieces of Stageline equipment in one – when not being used as a stage, it transforms into a multi-level mix position.

Floor 24’ X 20’ (7.3m X 6.1m)
Set-up * Manpower: 2 to 4  /  Time: 1:30 to 4 hours
Wind resistance 80 mph (129 km/h) without windwalls
60 mph (97 km/h) with windwalls
Rigging 6,500 lb (2,948 kg)
Height Mix area height at 13″ from ground to
4′-3″ (0.3m to 1.3m)
Rooftop Deck Strong enough for 4 follow spots and 4 operators at 18′ (5.5m)
Windwalls Full height rainproof windwalls on all sides

  • Certification
  • Every stage complies with road regulations. For all countries, Stageline provides complete engineering certification for both structural design and rigging capacity. In Canada and the US, we can provide engineering certified stamped documents for each state and province.

The SL100 Mix In images

Testimonials from our clients.

The SL100 mix is a very valuable asset in any festival application. With it’s 18″ (0.5 m) high audio deck and the rear level about 2′ (0.6 m) higher, LX, video or SFX operators all have a clear view. The covered roof deck is great for 4 follow spots and the audio delay points USL & USR are an added bonus.

– Scott Pollard – Palmer Audio Inc.

Do you have specific needs and want to rent a mobile stage?

No matter your choice, you’ll be using the most secure equipment in the whole industry.


* Setup time may vary depending on conditions and stage configuration.

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