What about lifting capacity?

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With ever-tightening deadlines and an increased concern for safety, lifting capacity is an important factor to consider when choosing the appropriate stage. But what exactly does it entail?

Lifting capacity allows a stage structure to have its roof section lifted with loads already hung from it. They make it possible to secure sound equipment, lighting, and banners to the structure from deck and ground level.



As you’ve no doubt noticed from the top of your ladder while hanging lights at the top of your Christmas tree, it’s a lot easier and more comfortable to deal with the bottom lights, when you have both feet firmly on the ground. If that’s is the case with plain old household Christmas lights, imagine what it’s like to install speakers and professional lighting equipment on a stage!

We can’t know for sure whether our engineers thought of equipping our stages with this technology while trimming their Christmas trees, but the fact is that lifting systems for rigging have become a major factor in the speed at which our mobile stages are set up. Our equipment was designed to facilitate production logistics, since all manoeuvres are performed at ground and deck level.




Lifting systems also provide unequivocal safety advantages. First, more on-the-ground work means less height work, obviously! More specifically, it means decreasing work at arms’ length and reducing the risks involved in standing on the top step of a ladder. (You must admit that you do it sometimes…) It also decreases the amount of time spent perched in the air with your helmet and harness on.


Offering the ability to lift a loaded stage roof is great. But the work also needs to be done safely, no matter the conditions. Stageline mobile stages offer a system equipped with safety valves that regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid and prevent excessive movement. This mechanism operates with both balanced and unbalanced loads, even in difficult weather conditions.

Though lifting capacity may not seem like a big deal at first, it quickly becomes obvious how vital it is for overcoming many issues. Not only will you save time, but you and your employees will benefit from a safer work environment.

13 May 2016 | Stage leader

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