Back from FCM Edmonton (Federation of Canadian Municipalities)

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Just back from the FCM Trade Show in Edmonton.  A great time had with Tony, both of us explaining the world of Stageline Mobile Stages and as usual had a great time with a bunch of great folks. Mostly mayors and counsellors all running numbers through their heads.  Some, like CAO’s run money, others its people.  Stageline fits in with a lot of numbers.  Fits with savings, with what you can do in a single day with a mobile job.  Those who knew least about the Stageline systems were first struck by the fact of not warehousing, not loading, just releasing hydraulic power, just parking the unit somewhere safe.  We experienced many ad-hoc meetings right there in the booth with comments coming out candidly:  – we can talk the committee into moving on this (I’ll take care of Larry), – we can set this up twice a day, – we’ll rent it out, –  it’s not canvas it’s fiberglass, – this will fit right by the river,- buy it, I’m telling you, buy it –  

Nice few days with Canada’s dynamic teams that run and cherish their municipalities.

Thank you all for attending and visiting.

1 July 2015 | Stage leader

About Raymond Bélanger

The reason I was able to join the Stageline menagerie back in 1991 is because they forgot to ask me for a resumé. Then within weeks it was too late cause they got hooked to my circus skills. Make it happen even if it has to be funny and make sure nothing goes wrong with the set-ups, come hell or high water. I’d had quite a bit of that from working at circuses in America and abroad, the bad weather I mean. First I worked for a Stageline division called Airtech because I had experience with big tops. One five ton inflatable hovering above ground rigged to 12 steel tower trusses and 10 crew who mostly hate inflatables. I loved it. Probably it has to do with my being a sucker for great people like the leaders I met at Stageline. They were genuine, brilliant and everything I’d ever want to become. I got showed around mobile stages once they understood I wouldn’t implode, I only just looked like I might. So here I am after 23 years of fascination, discoveries, adventures and widespread sharing.

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