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On the evening of October 24th in Las Vegas, our President Yvan Miron stepped onto the stage at the Parnelli Awards to receive the ‘’Indispensible Technology – IT’’ Award for staging in recognition for the new Stageline SAM575 mobile stage.

It was an incredibly proud moment for us all, as this is the second year in a row that we win this same award.

Just to put it into perspective for you, the Parnelli Awards are considered by many as the live event industry’s highest honours. The Parnelli Awards recognize pioneering, influential professionals and their contributions.

The award winners are first chosen by popular vote. Then, the top five contenders are evaluated by PLSN/FOH Subscribers and a panel of high-profile, entertainment industry staging professionals. Not the easiest way to win an award!

For us, it was such a gratifying validation of the work we do with our customers on a daily basis. In the case of this 2015 award, it started with our SAM555 customers. It was our discussions with them and their suggestions about the rigging capacity and the wind protection, among other things that brought about the SAM575.  It took a lot of listening, discussion and engineering, but the result was, well, award-winning.

If you look at the differences between the two stages, you can see the incredible leap forward that the SAM575 represents:


– The 6 rigging trusses more than doubled their load capacity, going from 4,000 lbs to 10000 lbs per truss;

– The side overhang cantilevered rigging trusses capacity went from 8,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs and extended their reach from 16 feet to 22.5 feet;

– The front overhang beams doubled their load capacity to 2000 lbs;

– A retractable backdrop and banner system was added;

– The total riging capacity of the SAM575 is more than double that of the SAM555: 94,000 lbs.

These are all cool numbers, but they basically mean one thing: the SAM575 opens the door to some kick-ass scenography, while being the safest stage we’ve ever built.

Our goal throughout the SAM575 development process was to inspire a feeling of safety and confidence through tough standards and leading-edge ease of use, to allow our customers to achieve new heights in event creation.

2015-ITStagingIt is such a motivational force to have a high-level endorsement of the work we all do here at Stageline. When I think about it, the Parnelli award is really a validation of our core values: innovation, security and customer satisfaction.

It’s another manifestation of our DNA.

30 October 2015 | Stage leader

About Alexis Delage

I am extremely fortunate to work in marketing. As an HEC Montreal graduate, I began my career working as a marketing coordinator for an important bar & nightclub chain.  I gained a lot of experience, and worked more than a few long nights in this job.  I then moved on to the world of advertising agencies, managing multiple projects utilizing a plethora of media channels for brand names such as Volvo, Nissan, Essilor and many others.  Almost 3 years ago, I joined Stageline and became a part of a passionate team of individuals who are as motivated as I am.  Fuelled by challenge and the pleasure derived from my responsibilities, I contribute to make Stageline products shine in our industry and around the world.

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