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Marius Chouinard and Yvan Miron (the founder of Stageline) go back a long way. In the late seventies and early eighties, Marius was the co-owner of a sound company hired frequently by Yvan. In 1988, Marius worked on the Stage 3 project with Yvan, he was totally hooked and subsequently became a partner of Yvan’s at Stageline. Marius’ expertise was essential as part of the design team of the first prototype mobile stages and continues with ongoing development of all the subsequent product generations. Marius’ vast staging experience and his thorough product and technical knowledge makes him invaluable in terms of sales support, training and stage set-ups. Marius is very easy going except when you try to avoid staging safety and installation practices. He can then board you big time to use an expression of his favorite sport of hockey!


The reason so many poets write about spring is that it’s the season of things starting to happen, for better or worse. For the better, the outdoor show season is beginning to ramp up and promoters are getting anxious to get their stages out on the road and people on—and in front of—them. For the…

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Snow…  It can add a magical touch to the ambience of an outdoor event, but it also quickly adds a few challenges that Stageline equipment are designed to handle. While our stages can certainly withstand snow, we don’t consider snow build-up on the roof desirable. While it’s the duty of the promoter to monitor weather,…

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While it’s been quite a while that Game of Thrones has been reminding us “winter is coming,” the real thing is finally here. Luckily for Stageline’s clients, that’s no reason to postpone outdoor events. After making a few allowances for safety, all Stageline stages can be used in winter conditions. And because we’re headquartered in Montreal, you…

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