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About Dane Earwaker

In 2008, Dane joined the Stageline team as a stage technician. He spent years “on the road” gaining considerable experience and extensive product knowledge on all Stageline products, which also included training clients on stage operation and best practices. This knowledge continues to prove invaluable in his current role providing logistical and technical support to clients worldwide for their larger SAM555 and SAM750 events.

Inspection of Your Stage by Local Authorities

Every municipality, city, county, state, or other governing body has emergency plans in place to deal with public events. In order to make an emergency plan for the event that you’re organizing, authorities will require a detailed plan and an accurate map of any and all structures that will be in place—they will need to…

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Doing it the right way!

Every event is different from every other, and every stage should reflect that. Promoters can make use of exclusive installations along with exciting sound, screen and lighting systems to make their events unforgettable. At the technical level, rigging equipment to the stage roof must follow clear-cut rules. For success in the setup of a stage…

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